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Relax Latte | Herbal Pre-mix | Enhanced Stress Relief | Caffeine Free


(9 customer reviews)
  • Caffeine-free alternative to tea and coffee
  • Turmeric-based health drink
  • High on curcumin (> 7.5%)
  • Amazing taste with great texture
  • Easy to prepare, ready to mix
  • Can be served with hot or cold milk
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An extremely fuss-free drink to prepare, the Relax Latte is the best way to simmer down from a busy day at work. Lightly spiced with Cinnamon and Cardamom, this superfood latte contains an amalgam of Turmeric, Ashwagandha, and Gotu Kola. While Turmeric has a plethora of benefits, a recent study highlights how the curcumin present in turmeric is greatly effective against anxiety.

The Ashwagandha here works to improve your sleep quality and restore a healthy sleep schedule. The trio is definitely incomplete without the rejuvenating qualities of Gotu Kola that enhance your intelligence and increase your retaining power. Kick your feet up, sit back, and unwind as you tuck into a warm wholesome cup of 365veda’s Relax Latte.

Ayurveda Benefits


Ayurveda considers nidra (sleep) as one of the most essential factors responsible for a fulfilling life and regards it as one of the trayopastambha(one of the three pillars of life). Long term stress is seen as a deep imbalance of vata dosha, a dosha that governs the nervous system and maintains its physiological processes. This instability of vata, rising due to improper sleep and stress coupled with a fast paced lifestyle accounts for many illnesses.
The ingredients in this latte are Rasayanas(rejuvenative botanicals) of Ayurvedic medicine that are focused on promoting a youthful state of physical and mental health. They regulate the pathways and processes responsible for immunity, cognition, resilience to stress, and sleep.
Check the Ayurveda facts behind the ingredients and what the herbs at the core of this latte designed to deliver.

This image is an image of Turmeric used in 365veda latte

Haridra can help maintain a healthy  complexion and is useful in liver conditions, quick wound healing, swellings, diabetes, works as a detoxifier in skin diseases, toxic conditions and acts as a natural anti inflammatory (Shothahara)

Stress and sleeplessness as conditions can cause a variety of symptoms ranging from iron deficiency to swelling in the body, inflammation and can cause variety of skin conditions(Twak dosha). Stress can also trigger the pathway to many metabolic disorders like diabetes.

Turmeric’s health benefits mostly come from curcumin, a chemical found in its root stalk. Studies show that curcumin may ease inflammation in your immune system. Curcumin, the bioactive compound found in turmeric, has been linked to treating anxiety , depression , and more — possibly due to it boosting serotonin and dopamine levels, and there’s growing evidence that inflammation is linked to depression and stress.

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This image is an image of Ashwangandha herb widely used in Ayurveda

Ashwagandha is a well known Ayurvedic Rasayana, and belongs to a sub-group of Rasayanas known as Medhya rasayanas. Medhya typically refers to the mind and mental/intellectual capacity. Thus, Medhya Rasayana like Ashwagandha, is used to promote intellect and memory and prolong the lifespan that is closely related to stress and sleep.
Ashwagandha reduces the vata kapha and helps manage skin pigment disorders, inflammation, balya( improves strength and immunity), and acts as a tonic and tissue vitalizer, anti aging and is an aphrodisiac.
Now, according to scientists, getting enough, regular, and high-quality sleep may be the key to raising the world’s average life expectancy. According to research, people who are able to survive to a very late age—the uncommon centenarians who reach the age of 100—have usually healthy sleep patterns throughout their lives.This is where the rasayana quality of Ashwagandha comes into use because it not only improves sleep but also cognition and sleep and cognition have an inseparable relationship.

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One of the best medhya herbs in Ayurveda pharmacopoeia, Gotukola is a botanical used to reduce mental fatigue and improve mental clarity.
Mandukaparni is cold in potency, light in action, acts as a brain tonic, tissue vitalizer and acts as an anti aging drug. It is good for the voice, boosts memory and helps relieve skin ailments, anemia, UTI’s and helps tackle inflammation and fever.
Gotu kola can help you stay intellectually bright, boost your mood, and protect your brain from free radical damage. Studies conducted in animals have demonstrated a protective effect of C. asiatica’s entire extract and specific components against a number of neurological disorders. Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, learning and memory enhancement, neurotoxicity, and other mental diseases like depression and anxiety, as well as epilepsy, have been the main topics of in vivo research on neuroprotective benefits.

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Phytochemical Benefits


The relax superfood latte is intended to help you shift from the busy schedule of your daytime into a phase of rest and repair ultimately giving you the good night’s sleep you deserve.

The goals of the product are to aid in giving you relaxation, sleep and provide the adaptogenic and the nootropic benefits from the herbs in the latte.

The phytochemicals in the latte have proven benefits in giving better sleep, stress release, mental alertness and better mood. 

Explore more about the phytochemicals in this latte and for additional information check the blog section.

This image is a phytochemical structure of Curcumin

Curcumin, the main phytochemical in turmeric has value for positively impacting stress/anxiety and sleep due to its ability to increase serotonin levels.

Treatments containing different doses of curcumin in some studies was shown to be effective in reducing depressive and anxiolytic symptoms in people with major depressive disorder. 

Curcumin displays neuroprotective effects in stress induced toxicity thus making it a potential phytochemical for stress management.

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This image is a phytochemical structure of Withaferin

Perhaps the best known herb for its ability to reduce stress,Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that helps control the mediators of stress. 

Withaferin A and withanolide D are the two main withanolides that contribute to most of the biological actions of Withania somnifera. Withaferin A has been shown to have significant antistress activity in acute models of experimental stress. 

The phytochemicals in Ashwagandha improve sleep quality, efficiency, significantly shorter time falling asleep with calming effects and reduced nervousness.

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This image is a phytochemical structure of Asiatic Acid

Centella asiatica has long been used to improve memory and cognitive function. 

Asiatic acid, a phytochemical present in the leaves of the plant has shown biological effects such as antioxidant, anti inflammatory and has been reported to have a neuroprotection in  Alzheimer’s disease

Asiatic acid and other compounds of Centella asiatica demonstrated ability to cross blood brain barrier (a network of blood vessels and tissues that keep harmful substances from reaching brain) in in-vitro models and produces neuroprotective effect.

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 16 × 10 cm

9 reviews for Relax Latte | Herbal Pre-mix | Enhanced Stress Relief | Caffeine Free

  1. Mitali

    I am a heavy coffee lover and always wanted to give up due to the caffeine in it. I tried the 365veda Relax latte, and I must say, it has richness and taste. Nothing short of a cup of coffee, even better I must say. The best part is it helps me unwind after my hectic day.

  2. Disha Vaghela

    I was skeptical about trying this but I am so glad I did! The flavor is great and the latte easily disperses in the milk. I just mixed a spoon of this latte powder in a mug of hot milk. I prefer topping it with some cinnamon. Just helps me relax before bedtime. This is my new favorite treat!

  3. Shruti Chaudary

    My favorite evening treat. I don’t add honey or sugar, but it still doesn’t taste off or weird.
    Love you 365veda.

  4. Vandana Khandla

    This Relax latte is warm and comforting. I share it every day with my friends and family, and we all love it!
    It is like a warm hug 🤗Very gentle taste.

  5. Yogesh P

    The brand is suggesting taking it with water or milk, But it doesn’t taste great with water.
    In milk, it tastes better.

  6. Pramit Mahoday

    I bought this latte at an Ayurveda summit in Gujarat. I bought all the 3 lattes from this brand. I loved all three. There is something very interesting about Relax latte. It has a great natural flavour, no weird after taste of the herbs in it, gentle yellow color and above all it is very creamy. I am assuming it is because of the natural coconut milk. I am a strict viewer of labels.
    Loved it 10/10.

  7. Ruchi Dekhtavala

    I have this habit of taking Ashwagandha with milk before bed. When I went through the science page of this brand, and read they use Ashwagandha along with Gotukola and turmeric, I wanted to give it a try. The taste is definitely great, but I liked the way they explain everything so transparently. Being a science freak, I appreciate the job done by 365veda.
    This is my regular hot fav now!

  8. Rajesh

    I like this product.
    It is convenient to purchase on Amazon. Why is this brand not available?

  9. Deepali Thakkar

    I have problems related to falling asleep. Not a magic remedy but I should agree that it helped.
    Will continue trying Relax latte.

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