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Immunity Superfood Latte | Herbal Pre-mix | Lakadong Turmeric | Moringa | Giloy


(3 customer reviews)
  • Caffeine-free alternative to tea and coffee
  • Turmeric-based health drink
  • High on curcumin (> 7.5%)
  • Amazing taste with great texture
  • Easy to prepare, ready to mix
  • Can be served with hot or cold milk
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A power-packed blend of Ayurvedic Goodness. The Immunity Latte is the perfect melody of Turmeric, Moringa, and Giloy. Once you’ve tasted this luxurious and creamy Latte, there’s no going back. While it boasts of the anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting qualities of Turmeric the drink also features black pepper.

Pepper acts as a catalyst that increases the bioavailability of Turmeric’s curcumin compounds. What’s more? This Moringa-rich drink works to replenish your body with Vitamin A, Iron, and Zinc. While the Giloy revitalizes your body and helps reduce cholesterol. Infused with the warm flavors of Cardamom and Nutmeg, a sip of this superfood latte is sure to lift your spirits.

Ayurveda Benefits


Ayurveda stresses the use of multiple plant based preparations which display a wealth of medicinal properties in protection of body against infections and resist damage.

The main ingredients in this latte are known for being some very superior rasayana dravyas (rejuvenative botanicals) in Ayurveda and exert multiple benefits in immune promotion, modulation. The herbs act on multiple organs and systems to give you year round immunity while you simply relish the goodness of this latte.

Check the Ayurveda facts behind the main ingredients in the latte and for your extra reading do visit the blog section.

This image is an image of Turmeric used in 365veda latte

Haridra/Turmeric has been in use in Ayurveda medicine for centuries. Most commonly called as the golden drug of Ayurveda, turmeric has a wide range of health benefits. 

The herb possesses multiple pharmacological actions like helping relieve skin diseases, aiding in alleviating high blood glucose levels, glycosuria, blood related disorders, inflammation, anemia and heals wounds and ulcers. 


 The above Ayurveda claims of this herb are justified by modern science with research showing turmeric’s ability in improving the above conditions by being an antioxidant, anti inflammatory and by improving the pathological events in Type 2 diabetes.

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This image is a phytochemical structure of Glioy herb stem and leaves

Guduchi, also known as Amruta(anti aging herb) is an important medicinal plant in Ayurveda. The stems are an integral constituent of several compound preparations. 

Guduchi is a potent tonic, and is effective for chronic debilitating ailments, it is a tissue vitalizer, improves digestion and balances the three doshas and relieves excess thirst, burning sensation, urinary diseases, cough, anemia, jaundice and skin diseases. It is useful in the management of diabetes, heart conditions and vata diseases.

Research suggests that Guduchi has a broad spectrum of  immunotherapeutic properties ranging from antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic antidiabetic, antihepatotoxic, antibacterial properties just like the ancient books of Ayurveda mentioned.

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This image is an image of Moringa leaves and Moringa powder

Medicinal virtues of Shigru have long been known and well documented in ancient medical treatises. 

Ayurveda describes Moringa as an aphrodisiac, cordial herb and beneficial for the eyes. It also helps in subsiding edema, toxins, abscess, tumours and can support thyroid function. 

Studies show that Moringa has high levels of vitamin A which explains the beneficial effects to eyes and it has anti inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects and has nutrients that can help pacify the symptoms of thyroid disorders.

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Phytochemical Benefits


The Immunity Latte is designed taking into account the armour your body requires to fight common allergies and infections and to keep your immune system strong while you indulge in the smartest latte that offers health and taste at the same time.

Each ingredient in this latte has standalone actions and can also have synergistic actions when combined. The phytochemicals present in the latte are potent antioxidants and serve as immunomodulators.

Check the phytochemical facts behind the main ingredients in the latte and for your extra reading do visit the blog section. 

This image is a phytochemical structure of Curcumin

The main active ingredient in turmeric which is a potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory. 

The effectiveness of curcumin in the prevention and treatment of various human diseases including cancer, cardiovascular, inflammatory, metabolic, neurological and skin diseases has been shown in various preclinical and clinical studies.

The immunomodulatory abilities of curcumin arise from its interaction with various cellular and molecular components involved in immune response.

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This image is a phytochemical structure of Tinosporin

A myriad of biologically active compounds are present in Giloy that have multiple health benefits. 

The plant also has potential against microbial infections and shows immunostimulant properties on macrophages( A type of white blood cell that kills microorganisms)

Alkaloids( naturally occurring plant compounds) like Tinosporine, Magnoflorine, Jatrorrhizine along with its many other phytochemicals contribute to its antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects.

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This image is a phytochemical structure of Chlorogenic Acid

Leaves from Moringa are a good source of vitamin A. It is well established that vitamin A has important functions in vision, reproduction, and immune competence. 

Quercitin, a flavonoid found in the dried leaves of the plant is found useful in diabetes and hyperlipidemia and is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Chlorogenic acid is a major phenolic acid in Moringa and it plays a role in glucose metabolism and is another potent antioxidant. The leaves of Moringa oleifera are rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and copper. Vitamins like beta-carotene of vitamin A, vitamin B such as folic acid, pyridoxine, and nicotinic acid, and vitamins C, D, and E.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 16 × 10 cm

3 reviews for Immunity Superfood Latte | Herbal Pre-mix | Lakadong Turmeric | Moringa | Giloy

  1. Kishan Vamja

    I have just tried the Immunity latte for the first time, and I am quite surprised. Giloy generally tastes bitter, but this latte has a perfect balance of taste and health.

  2. Vivek

    The latte was very soothing and appealing to the senses. Loved the way 365veda packed taste and health at the same time.

  3. Dr.Ami Sharma

    I loved the texture and the taste of this 365veda Immunity latte. The aroma can be more pronounced but the overall feeling after having it was awesome.

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