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Detox Superfood Latte | Herbal Pre-mix | Ultimate Cleanse


(11 customer reviews)
  • Caffeine-free alternative to tea and coffee
  • Turmeric-based health drink
  • High on curcumin (> 7.5%)
  • Amazing taste with great texture
  • Easy to prepare, ready to mix
  • Can be served with hot or cold milk

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Cleanse your mind and body with the Detox Latte by 365veda. Rich in Yashtimadhu, Sariva, and Turmeric this superfood latte helps warrant a healthy lifestyle for you. Along with being a powerful healer, Turmeric works towards a complete cleansing of your body through this drink.

There’s no doubt, that healthy organs lead to a healthy and long life. Both the Yashtimadhu and Sariva in this drink work to ensure an overall cleanse of the organs and safeguard the body from severe diseases. Our Detox Latte promises healthy hair, supple skin, and an above all strong toxic-free body and mind. A creamy concoction of the best of Ayurveda, this detox drink is a must in your regular diet.

Ayurveda Benefits


The process of detoxification runs smoothly in a healthy body but when there are toxins there is sluggishness and the toxins can remain in the body for longer than our body can handle.

Cleansing/Detox is seen as a crucial component of the Ayurvedic way of life, with significant potential for improved vitality, and immunity and strength. This detox latte brings ingredients that act on organs that play a crucial role like our skin, which is the first line of defence against harmful microbes, the liver which helps in host defense and kidneys that gently push away the wastes. 

The spices component help improve the strength of the Agni(digestive fire) which plays an important role in maintaining optimal health. Don’t take our word for it. Delve into the blog section to learn more.

This image is an image of Turmeric used in 365veda latte

With a long history of medicinal use dating back to thousands of years, turmeric is a highly revered drug in the Ayurveda system of medicine. 

The herb is useful in relieving itching, useful in diabetes and urinary infections, helps in quick wound healing and maintains a healthy complexion. It is a natural detoxifier of the body and relieves intestinal worms and infected wounds. It also aids in treating running nose, upper respiratory tract infections and relieves anorexia. 

Research suggests that herbs like turmeric exhibit these kind of actions either due to the antioxidants or act by stimulating the activity of detoxifying enzymes in the host in addition to mitigating the effects of several dietary carcinogens. 

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This is an image of Sariva leaves from the wild used in 365veda Detox Latte

Sariva is a well known medicinal plant that has been in use since the ancient time for the treatment of various ailments. 

Sariva can control indigestion, distaste, dyspnoea, cough and removes metabolic byproducts and is useful in several toxic conditions. Works in balancing the three doshas, works in menstrual conditions like excessive bleeding, fevers and diarrhoea.It is useful in skin diseases, itching, urinary infections, relieves bad odour. 

Studies have confirmed that the root of Hemidesmus indicus produces strong inhibitory effect on the acne bacteria due to the terpenoid fraction in the plant and exerts protective effect on kidneys and liver. 


This is an image of Licorice herb placed on a spoon

Yashtimadhu has been used in Ayurveda in the treatment of respiratory and digestive disorders. It is considered to be a “Rasayana”. 

Licorice is beneficial to eye problems due to its Chakshushya(good for eyes) property. It also helps improve strength because of its Balya (strength provider) property. Licorice powder is also useful in improving skin texture and hair health and improve the hoarseness of voice. . It is also beneficial in managing gastric problems like stomach ulcers and heartburn due to its anti-ulcer, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Licorice with its, 3 triterpenes and 13 flavonoids exhibit evident anti-inflammatory properties which also explains its traditional applications in stimulating digestive system functions, eliminating phlegm, relieving cough. 

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Phytochemical Benefits


The detox latte is made with special attention to our organs like liver, kidneys, skin, digestive system and lungs as these organs support us cleanse our body. 

Fortunately, our body is well equipped to eliminate toxins but consumption of alcohol, processed and sugary foods, lack of sleep, poor diet, reduced water intake, excess salt intake and sedentary lifestyle and other poor lifestyle habits like smoking are responsible for a wreaking havoc in your body and thus weakening the body’s natural detoxification system. 

The ingredients in the latte help maintain the natural detoxification system while it gently works on the organs that support us.

Slide to learn about the phytochemicals present in this latte, and to learn more about detox and the ingredients check our blogs section.

This image is a phytochemical structure of Curcumin

The primary bioactive substance of turmeric, curcumin plays a protective role in the management of oxidative stress in the liver. Curcumin being an antioxidant helps in inhibition of DNA damage and free radical formation.

Curcumin favorably contributes in fighting almost all leading aspects of diabetes, including insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and could prevent the deleterious complications of diabetes.

Curcumin in the gut favors the growth of beneficial bacteria strains such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli, with reduction of pathogenic strains .

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This image is a phytochemical structure of Lupeol

The roots of the plant showed significant hepatoprotective activity through free radical scavenging due to the presence of phytochemicals like hemidesmin1 and hemidesmin 2.

Studies have confirmed that the root extract of Hemidesmus indicus produces strong inhibitory effect on the bacterium causing acne. Studies conducted on this accord provides the fact that terpenoid fraction mostly generates the anti-acne effect. Lupeol which is a triterpenoid has strong anti inflammatory and it targets most of the pathogenic features of acne. 

Animal studies have shown that oral administration of root extract can lower total cholesterol, triglycerides, lipoproteins, phospholipids and free fatty acids. The experiments further indicated that possibly 2- hydroxy-4 methoxy benzoic acid present in root could be the major factor responsible for the action.

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This image is a phytochemical structure of Glycyrrhizic Acid

Glycyrrhizinic acid is the most important active ingredient in the licorice root, and possesses a wide range of pharmacological and biological activities. 

 Glycyrrhizinic acid inhibits all factors responsible for inflammation and is reported to be an effective skin pigment lightening agent.

Anti-inflammatory and immune regulatory actions; antiviral effects; and antitumor effects are among a few pharmacological benefits of glycyrrhizinic acid in addition to expectorant effect and reduced acid reflux.

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 16 × 10 cm

11 reviews for Detox Superfood Latte | Herbal Pre-mix | Ultimate Cleanse

  1. Vrushani Vyas

    Easy to use, and has quite a good flavor, would purchase it again.

  2. Sujata Cowlagi

    What a perfect drink for me, especially as the temperatures are dropping. This is so calming. It’s delicious. I will make sure I keep a steady supply of this latte.
    and there is something very unique about its flavour. Not added but I guess from the ingredients themselves.
    So good!

  3. Hardhik Bhatt

    Liked the latte. But the inner packaging can be improved.

  4. Riya

    It tastes different than the other lattes in a good way but the turmeric is not soluble in milk. So, I find it difficult to consume.

    • 365veda Official

      Hi Riya, thanks for writing in. We understand your concern however, good quality turmeric is not fully soluble in milk or water. It is dispersible. In fact, it is the symbol of un-adulterated turmeric.

  5. Shamiya Parveen

    Love love love this detox superfood latte!
    What did you guys add in it that it tastes like some natural vanilla? I am stocking it.

  6. Aditi Pancholi

    Utterly delicious!!!
    A morning treat!!! Supremely delicious, it makes my mornings so special, and I follow this like a ritual to my skin. Thank you 365veda.
    I am looking to try their Chyavanprash as well.

  7. Synthia Padala

    Bought the sachets first of this detox latte. Now I am looking to buy the 100gm pack.
    I hate sugar and I like its taste just the way it is.
    Would surely recommend it!!!!

  8. Ashish

    The product got delivered 1 week after placing the order. We like the taste but not satisfies with shipping.

  9. Dhiren Mehta

    By far the best turmeric latte mix on the market. The subtle hint of Ayurveda herbs and spices adds a little heat to this already comforting drink. I take it with almond milk, and I highly recommend the Detox latte not just from a taste perspective, but also from a health and wellness view.
    Five stars from me!

  10. Dipali Pal

    The detox latte feels like a blessing to the skin. Thanks to the ingredients in it, my overall health feels better. It’s like a factory reset to the body.

  11. Ankita Chavan

    I am ditching coffee for this Detox latte. Very prompt Ayurveda follower. I know licorice is good for skin but came to know about something called Sariva as well though 365veda. I like its taste. My husband and I regularly take it. We love it.

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