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Curcumin In-A-Strip™ | 95% Curcuminoids with Bioperine® | Joint Pain Relief | Immunity | Vitamin C | Rich in Anti-oxidants | 30 Oral Strips


(6 customer reviews)
  • Innovative orally dissolvable strips – melts in less than 60 seconds
  • 95% Curcuminoids with Black Pepper extracts
  • Proven as the best way to absorb curcumin in the body
  • Works as an anti-inflammatory for joint pain management
  • Fights free radicals in the body and boosts immunity
  • Helps regulate sugar and cholesterol levels
  • Recommended dosage of 3 strips per day for best results
  • Comes in an amazing chocolate orange flavour
  • Easy to carry, easier to consume


Curcumin is the most important phytochemical in turmeric. Interestingly, most of that curcumin is not absorbed by the body. It is rejected by the liver through first pass metabolism. While we assume that we are getting the full benefits of turmeric – we actually don’t!

Introducing Curcumin In-A-Strip to help absorb curcumin in the body faster through orally dissolvable thin strips. We have added black pepper extracts for better absorption of curcumin and it comes in an innovative chocolate orange flavour.

Curcumin when dissolved on the tongue is 10X more efficacious in better pain management, boosting immunity, reducing blood sugar and regulating cholesterol levels. We recommend consuming 3 strips a day after meals and following it with a glass of warm milk or butter milk.

Sit back, relax and let science and Ayurveda do the magic!

Ayurveda Benefits


Haridra or Turmeric, known as the golden drug in Ayurveda, is a herb with a broad spectrum of pharmacological effects. It possesses various properties such as Medoghna (anti-hyperlipidemic), Prameha hara (anti-diabetic), and shotha hara (anti-inflammatory), and is regarded as one of the most extensively studied drug in the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia.

This image is an image of Turmeric used in 365veda latte

Prameha: Anti-diabetic

Haridra Prameha haranaam |

Haridra is regarded as the most effective herb among many that have an impact on blood sugar. Historical Ayurvedic texts such as Ashtanga Hrudaya specify Haridra as the preferred remedy for regulating high blood sugar levels. Studies indicate that Turmeric has the potential to manage blood sugar levels, boost insulin sensitivity, and prevent weight gain.

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Medohara: Anti-hyperlipidemic, Shotahara (Anti-inflammatory)

Obesity and hyperlipidemia are prevalent health concerns, and according to Ayurvedic principles, Haridra is categorized as a Lekhaniya dravya (substance that helps reduce excess fat) and a Medohara (substance that aids in the removal of excess fat). Additionally, Turmeric is known for its Sothahara (anti-inflammatory) properties. 

Due to its hot potency, it can alleviate inflammation symptoms such as Saguravam (heaviness at the site), Anavasthita (instability), Utsedha (swelling), Ushnam (temperature increase), Siratanutwa (visible or thinning veins), and Lomaharsha (goosebumps). By calming vata and kapha, Turmeric works effectively as a shothahara.

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Phytochemical Benefits


365veda’s Curcumin strip is a new drug delivery method that provides the advantage for better absorption for phytochemicals such as Curcumin, which are quickly absorbed through the buccal mucosa.

This buccal delivery system offers an alternative route for drugs with poor bioavailability like curcumin caused by low absorption in the intestine. Read More

Additionally, our strips are powered with Piperine which enhances the bioavailability of curcumin by 2000% and improves absorption. Read More

This image is a phytochemical structure of Curcumin

Curcumin, a polyphenol, is one of the most extensively studied phytochemicals that has been found to affect multiple organs and support various health benefits. It is known to aid in the management of inflammatory and degenerative conditions, as well as benefit conditions related to inflammation, metabolic syndrome, and pain. Although there seem to be numerous therapeutic advantages to curcumin supplementation, most of these benefits can be attributed to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Curcumin for arthritis

In a study published in BMC, individuals were given 500mg of curcumin three times a day, and the results showed that 94% of participants experienced a 50% reduction in arthritis symptoms, with fewer side effects such as stomach problems, compared to the group that received the NSAID Diclofenac. Curcumin has been found to inhibit numerous pro-inflammatory cytokines and the substances that release them, including tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), interleukin 1 (IL-1), IL-8, and nitric oxide synthase. The individuals who consumed curcumin also lost almost 2% of their body weight, which is a significant factor for arthritis patients.

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Curcumin for diabetes

Studies suggest curcumin can decrease the level of blood glucose in diabetes and its related complications. Curcuminoids have been shown to improve insulin resistance, decrease glucose, and insulin levels, increase adiponectin release, and reduce the levels of leptin, resistin, interleukin (IL)-6 IL-1β, and tumor necrosis factor-α in patients with Type 2 diabetes. Some studies also show that curcuminoids also improve the lipid profile and total antioxidant profile in patients with Type 2 diabetes. 

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Curcumin as an antioxidant

Oxidative stress is considered to be the cause of many diseases, but curcumin has been shown to enhance systemic markers of oxidative stress, such as plasma activities of SOD and catalase, as well as serum concentrations of glutathione peroxidase (GSH) and lipid peroxides. As a fat-soluble compound, curcumin is an effective scavenger of peroxyl radicals and, like vitamin E, it acts as a chain-breaking antioxidant. 

Curcumin’s ability to regulate several enzymes, remove reactive oxygen and nitrogen, and chelate metal contributes to its ability to act as an antioxidant. 

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 3 cm

6 reviews for Curcumin In-A-Strip™ | 95% Curcuminoids with Bioperine® | Joint Pain Relief | Immunity | Vitamin C | Rich in Anti-oxidants | 30 Oral Strips

  1. Ritu

    I have been taking Curcumin In a Strip for a few weeks now, and I feel amazing! I have more energy, I’m sleeping better, and I just feel healthier overall.

  2. Satyanarayana

    I was skeptical at first, but I’m so glad I gave Curcumin In a Strip a try. It’s been a help for my joint pain.

  3. Arpita

    I’m a nutritionist, and I believe that Curcumin In a Strip is one of the best ways to absorb curcumin in the body. I recommend it to all of my clients who are looking for a natural way to improve their health.

  4. Bhavish

    I love the chocolate orange flavor of Curcumin In a Strip! It’s so easy to take, and I know it’s helping to keep my immune system strong. I haven’t had a cold or cough all winter, and I’m so grateful.

  5. Sameer

    I’ve been taking Curcumin In a Strip for a few weeks now, and I haven’t had a cold or cough since I started. I used to get sick all the time, but now I feel like my immune system is finally getting the support it needs

  6. Renuka

    I can feel the benefits – joint pain has reduced and feel more energetic. I’m also a big fan of the orangy flavour!

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