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To Make Ayurveda Relevant

Restore, Replenish and Rejuvenate with our Ayurvedic Superfoods and Supplements and allow us to be a part of your journey towards a healthy lifestyle! At every step, we intend to make our products sustainable and this platform extremely accessible for everyone.

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Our Wellness Goals Keep Changing. Our Products Are Developed To Meet Every Goal – Holistically.

Behind The Scenes

Dr. Varsha Prabala


Harshit Gohil


Dr. Murali Krishna


Our Little Story

In April, 2021 Harshit had been looking for a co-founder for his idea of building world’s first integrated alternative healthcare app. Around the same time, Dr. Varsha wanted to build an everyday wellness brand for Ayurvedic superfoods and had been working on developing the products for more than 6 months. With more than 5 years of individual experience in the Ayurveda ecosystem, there were natural synergies. But what sparked a conversation? Well, a lot can happen over LinkedIn! With a simple message on LinkedIn, the seeds of building a global brand were planted. They met offline and spent a couple of months to understand each other.

It was amazing how Dr. Varsha and Harshit perfectly aligned to integrate both their ideas in the right direction into 365veda – a D2C sustainable wellness brand. There was striking similarity in thought processes coupled with complimentary skill sets and cultural fit – one of the key ingredients of a successful venture. It is hard. Extremely hard when just 2 people are storming their brains through research, legal, product, finance, IT, R&D, vendor management, packaging, design, branding, survey, sampling, iterating, content, marketing, operations, networking, social media, strategy. Phew! That is like a full-time MBA in 6 months. But our collective experience and focus kept us buoyant.

In less than 6 months, 365veda came to life with its first product – a revolutionary Chyavanprash. 60 days into the launch and 365veda has entered into a range of superfood lattes – the category creator which is a caffeine free alternative to tea and coffee. Humble beginnings, big dreams and the world to conquer. 365veda is on a mission to make healthier lifestyle more sustainable with Ayurvedic superfoods in the most palatable and convenient form. We are on to the 1st 1000 customers with a vision to touch 160M+ lives in India, before impacting a billion lives worldwide. Love what we are building? Let’s talk!