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Why is Lakadong Turmeric in our Superfood lattes so special

An ingredient with a story

The turmeric in our Superfood latte tells a story about a place from the pristine lands of Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya in the northeastern part of India. The Lakadong turmeric, a key turmeric variant has curcumin, the key phytochemical in turmeric in abundance to a percentage ranging from 7%-12%.

Our superfood lattes incorporate our value of sourcing the ingredient with the highest quality and efficacy while sourcing it ethically. 

When it came to our Immunity, Detox, and Relax lattes, we knew that the ingredient around which the golden milk revolves should have a proud story of giving back to the farmers who produce one of the finest turmeric, produced in India.

Here is how Lakadong turmeric tells its unique story

  • A large number of Lakadong turmeric farmers are female.
  • The turmeric produced in this region has the highest oleoresin and curcumin content.
  • The farmers are particular about the quality of rhizomes for their future harvest. So, they select the best quality and preserve it for next year’s cultivation.
  • Jaintia hills turmeric cultivation contributes to more than half of the turmeric production of the state of Meghalaya. 
  • The state of Meghalaya has sought a geographical indication marking for Lakadong turmeric.
  • The government of Meghalaya has launched the ‘Lakadong Mission (2018-2023)’ to scale up the production, postharvest management, processing, and other related activities of Lakadong turmeric in Jainitia hills districts of Meghalaya. 

We believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to this unique Lakadong mission by sourcing the turmeric from the female farmers of this region by providing them a fair price for their products for them to grow the turmeric through their sustainable practices. 

Our relationship with our land is as important as our quest to improve our health. So, by consuming our Superfood Lattes you can have your yellow gold by simultaneously contributing to our planet too.


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