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Take A Break From Coffee - There Are Better Alternatives

To understand why we consume a lot of coffee, we need to answer the most basic question. Is coffee consumption a dedicated habit or a forceful addiction? Many people start their day with coffee, and it is not surprising to see people experience headaches when they miss their coffee schedule.

People consume caffeine in many ways like normal coffee, green tea, flavored sodas energy drinks. No doubt, it is the most widely used drug in the world.1 Medical authorities, like the World Health Organization, list caffeine as an addictive substance.2 

Regular consumption of caffeine leads to tolerance meaning that larger doses are required to achieve the desired effects and withdrawal can lead to headaches, mood swings, tiredness, hormonal issues, constipation, and lower levels of concentration.

 This is true for people who consume more than three or more cups of coffee or any other drink containing caffeine per day, i.e. around 300mg-400mg. 3, 4 But here is the catch: Not everyone needs to consume a high amount of caffeine to become addictive as it depends on how sensitive you are to caffeine and how well your body metabolizes it.

Whether or not you suffer from the above symptoms, there is value in ditching this drink to a healthier alternative. 

Swap your coffee for a 365veda turmeric latte….

Golden milk/ Turmeric milk or Turmeric latte is widely popular with its super-rich blend of spices and herbs, with a creamy coconut texture in a glass of warm milk. In addition to these ingredients, you will notice notes of ginger, cardamom, pepper, and other spices. 

The pepper in our lattes increases the bioavailability of curcumin making it easier to absorb. The ingredients in this beverage are powerhouses of many health benefits with variants to boost immunity, relax your nerves, or detox your body.   

     ** Compared to 95mg of caffeine/cup of regular coffee 365veda latte range has zero caffeine**

Switch to 365veda Immunity Latte

Turmeric has been used in India for centuries and is the main ingredient of  Immunity Latte. Curcumin, the orange-yellow pigment found in turmeric, is an anti-inflammatory, immunomodulator, and has antioxidant effects.  5

The latte is further enhanced with Giloy which has a myriad of bioactive compounds that have hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic properties. 6

The leaves of Moringa add nutritional benefits to the latte as the leaves are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and copper apart from being a rich source of beta carotene. 7

The latte can be enjoyed with normal or plant-based milk of your choice with or without sugar/honey. 

Savor 365veda Detox Latte

Turmeric is a mild digestive and carminative and helps clean the body of infections due to its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.  The herb is also a natural liver detoxifier due to its antioxidant potential. 5

The latte also houses a miraculous herb called Indian Sarsaparilla that has the properties to detoxify skin and break the pathogenesis of acne. The herb also supports the urinary system and is beneficial in gynecological concerns like leucorrhea. 8

The root of licorice offers skin depigmenting, lightning, anti-acne, photoprotection, anti-aging, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, all helpful for healthy skin. Licorice root is also a good source of prebiotic compounds called fructans improving gastrointestinal health. 9 

Give up your coffee for this morning latte ritual for a gentle cleanse. Savor it with regular dairy or plant-based milk or of your choice with or without sugar/honey. 

Relish 365veda Relax Latte

Curcumin, the bioactive compound found in turmeric, has been linked to help pacify the symptoms associated with anxiety, and depression, possibly due to its ability to boost serotonin and dopamine levels. This Ayurvedic spice can also boost sleep quality by protecting against oxidative damage. 5

The latte has one of the most famous herbs in Ayurveda, Ashwagandha which is proven for its stress-reducing and sleep-inducing potential. The herb is an adaptogen that helps you cope with stress, helping the body return to a normal state of homeostasis. 10

Leaves of Gotukola are rejuvenating and improve cognitive abilities. The herb is mentioned in ancient literature as a tonic for the brain and contemporary research says that Gotukola can exert antioxidant effects and exert a neuroprotective action. 11

Herbs have a lot to offer to replenish and rejuvenate your body than the short-term euphoria caffeine can offer. Discover your true self and let your caffeine addiction not dictate you.

If you are looking for a caffeine-free beverage 365veda lattes are a fun option. 

Do let us know your favorite latte by commenting in the testimonials section.

We would love to hear from you.


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