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Finding Mental Peace When The World’s On Fire: 6 Step Plan To Relieve Your Stress

Stress, anxiety, and irregular sleep cycles are regular features in our modern societies. Let’s face it. Stress is a fact of life irrespective of wherever we are and whatever we do. While we can’t control the circumstances in our life, we can help control our mental frame of a situation and manage the challenges that we face every day.

Here are 6 ways to tackle stress

  • Identify stressors

The first step in effective stress management is identifying the causes that are leading to stress. Stress can come from various reasons like money, work, relations, and health problems. 

Give the stressor a focused thought on what you can do to improve the situation. While the trigger might not change, setting a realistic level of expectation for a particular problem might help you feel relieved. 

  • Mindful eating  

Emotional stress takes a toll on your body, and it is essential to follow a healthy diet to prevent stress from taking control of you. When we “stress-eat” we quickly eat without considering how much amount of food is being consumed which can lead to weight gain. 

Follow mindful eating practices like making thoughtful food choices and chewing the food slowly and enjoying what you eat.

  • Exercise daily

Physical activity reduces blood pressure and increases heart rate and breathing, and more oxygen reaches throughout your body.

Exercise has also been shown to improve the symptoms of mental conditions like anxiety and depression. 

              Start with activities of your liking, like hitting the gym, walking, jogging, or playing your favorite sport. 

  • Schedule fun activities/hobbies 

Set aside some time to take care of yourself and pursue hobbies that you enjoy like reading a book, going for a nature walk, enjoying music, doing yoga, playing with your pet, or cooking your favorite recipe. 

            Planning fun activities like hiking or enjoying playing your favorite board game with your family are examples of stress relievers. 

  • Stay connected

Socialization helps increase happy hormones that will help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Spending time with your friends and families helps regulate your emotions, leading to higher self-esteem and empathy, and helps you realize that you are not alone and your feelings are not unusual.

Strong social connections can also improve your immune system and increase your chances of living a longer life. 

  • Take Ayurvedic herbs

Several herbs play an important role in regulating your stress and mood. Herbs like Ashwagandha, Gotukola, Turmeric, Brahmi, Tagara can help reduce stress and improve your mood and sleep cycles. 

Reach out to products containing these herbs and think about how you can incorporate them into controlling your stress.

Now that you know how to destress from stress make sure to follow the above steps and incorporate these into your everyday routine. The tips are quick and easy and help you to relax your body and mind. So go get a stress-free life because you deserve it. 

365veda offers an amazing superfood Relax Latte that can not only help wind down your day but also helps tackle various symptoms associated with stress like mood disturbances and sleep cycles. Ashwagandha in the latte helps reduce stress and improve your sleep, Gotukola improves your memory and Turmeric helps increase the levels of happy hormones in your body.  

 Enjoy this latte late in the evening to soothe yourself from the grip of everyday stress.

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